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Thermal Analysis: Part of An Empirical Freeze Drying Process

Webinar: Thermal Characterization for Developing Optimized Formulations and Lyophilization Cycles This webinar covers fundamentals of thermal analysis including the characterization of physical properties of materials that are commonly used to formulate freeze dried products, the impact that these materials can have on how products freeze dry (in regards to the physical and chemical integrity), and…
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Refurbished Freeze Dryer

Millrock Technology’s LyoRevival: Freeze Dryer Refurbishment and Renewal Don’t have the budget to buy a new Lyo? Learn more about Millrock Technology LyoRevival, our refurbished freeze dryer program! Our experts will take your existing lyophilizer and make it work/look like new, or even better, make it work like today’s equipment. Millrock Technology has refurbished freeze…
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Celebrating 10 Years!

Millrock Technology, Inc. Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary as one of the industry leaders in the freeze drying industry. We would like to say “Thank You” to all of our customers that have supported us through the years. We pride ourselves on quality and customer service. MILLROCK TECHNOLOGY is always looking to provide new innovations to…
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Freeze Drying PAT using Heat Flux Measurement

Just in case you missed our webinar “Freeze Drying PAT using Heat Flux Measurement”, it is now available to view online. A freeze drying recipe will be analyzed and then improved using Heat Flux measurement and Control. Heat flux measurements provide critical process information for every step of the freeze drying process, including: freezing, primary…
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Research And Development Needs And Opportunities In Freeze Drying

Looking to learn more about research and development needs and opportunities in freeze drying? The REVO®, Millrock Technology’s Research & Development Freeze Dryer, is the perfect solution for research and development needs and opportunities in freeze drying – both your protocol development and small scale production needs! Millrock Technology’s Revo R&D Freeze Dryer combines the most…
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LyoPAT® Determines Vial Heat Transfer Coefficient (Kv), Defines Process Design Space In A Single Run & Develops Transferrable Protocols

What does LyoPAT® do? -Eliminates the need for thermocouples in vials -Provides important process data such as : -Vial Heat transfer coefficient (Kv) -Cake Resistance (Rp) -Heat Flow (Hf) -Mass Flow  (Mf) …. And many other significant process parameters. -Determines the end of Freezing, End of Primary Drying as well as End of Secondary Drying…
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FreezeBooster® Controlled Nucleation Station

FreezeBooster® is a patent-pending technique to enable controlled nucleation during the freezing step of the freeze drying cycle.  The FreezeBooster Controlled Nucleation Station (NS20) is a standalone portable device that has been demonstrated to work on ALL lab scale freeze dryers, up to 30sf.  It is a robust and effective solution for controlled nucleation on…
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