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Opti-Dry® Gen2

Introducing Opti-Dry Gen2

Next Generation Control Technology

Our Opti-Dry Gen2 software takes freeze drying cycle development and process control to the next level.

Designed with the user in mind, we have developed a software that:

  • easily generates your cycle protocol
  • monitors the health of your equipment
  • provides you data analysis in the format you need
  • connects your machine with Millrock’s expert service team

All while protecting your valuable product and shortening your time to market. This same control system is available on all our freeze dryers, allowing scaling from lab-scale to production.

Millrock Technology vs Competitors

Cycle Assist to Auto-Generate Freeze Drying Protocols
Auto-Generate Annealing and Super Cooling Steps
Batch Reporting with Interactive Graphing
Set Shelf Ramping Temperature by Time or Rate
Detailed Run Time Data for Customized PM
Customized System Testing by User Criteria
Flexible End of Primary Drying Trigger Points

Six Key Features

Current freeze drying software relies on the experience and knowledge of the user along with trial and error for cycle development, which can be time consuming, costly and use valuable ingredients. Whether you are a novice or experienced in cycle development, Opti-Dry Gen2 has been programmed with the deep knowledge of our scientists and engineering teams to ensure the most efficient and effective freeze drying cycle from the start, minimizing cycle time and protecting your product.

cycle assist icon

Cycle Assist

Cycle Assist enables the operator to automatically generate Freeze Drying Protocols, including Annealing and Supercooling steps.

batch reporting icon

Batch Reporting

The report system enables the user to produce detailed interactive graphs and tabular reports at the click of a button. Multi-dimensional reports and graphs are easily printed or exported to PDF or CSV formats. No more exporting data to CSV files and manipulating with Excel. You can rearrange the data being monitored right in our software for the view you find most important for your work.

shelf temp ramping icon

Shelf Temperature Ramping by Rate or Time

Simply choose your shelf temperature ramping method, either by time or rate and Opti-Dry Gen2 does the rest.

custom preventative maintenance scheduling

Customized Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Run-Time data of critical components is constantly collected and available to both the operator and Millrock’s service technicians enabling preventative maintenance scheduling to reduce downtime.

customized system testing

Customized System Testing

Built-in system test to manufacturer’s specifications or user specified criteria.

end primary drying trigger points

End of Primary Drying Trigger Points

End of Primary Drying trigger points by Pirani and Capacitance Manometer convergence or product temperature. User selectable EOPD trigger activation point ensuring minimum dry time.


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