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A New Model-Based Approach for the Development of Freeze- Drying Cycles Using a Small-Scale Freeze-Dryer

This pharmaceutical biotechnology article in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences presents a model-based approach for the design of the primary drying stage of a freeze-drying process using a small-scale freeze-dryer (MicroFD® by Millrock Technology Inc.). By Ambra Massei, Davide Fissore Dipartimento di Scienza Applicata e Tecnologia, Politecnico di Torino, corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, 10129,…
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New Book Chapter: Advances in Process Analytical Technology for Freeze-Drying – A Small-Scale Approach for Enhanced Analysis and Optimization

Millrock Technology, a leading provider of lyophilization equipment and services, announced today the publication of a new chapter in the book, “Principles and Practices of Lyophilization in Product Development and Manufacturing”. This book is an essential resource for researchers and practitioners in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. It covers in-depth lyophilization processes with case studies,…
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Meet Millrock Technology at ISL-FD

Millrock technology returns as a Gold Sponsor of the The International Society of Lyophilization – Freeze Drying (ISL-FD) 2023 Midwest Chapter Conference, taking place April 20, 2023 at the Midwest Conference center in Northlake, Chicago, Illinois. Speakers at this event will address such aspects of lyophilization as shelf life, automated inspection, computational modeling, freeze drying,…
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ISL-FD returns to the Midwest in 2022

We are excited to announce that Millrock Technology is a sponsor of the ISL-FD 2022 Midwest Chapter Conference to be held at the Midwest Conference Center in Chicago on Thursday, 14 April 2022. Register online at The International Society of Lyophilization – Freeze Drying (ISL-FD) is a nonprofit volunteer organization whose mission is to…
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Millrock Technology returns from ISLFD Conference

We just returned from the ISLFD Conference in Gaithersburg, MD. At the sessions, John Goldman, Scientist at Moderna discussed how the MicroFD yields a Kv that matches an at scale unit. READ MORE…    The International Society of Lyophilization – Freeze Drying Inc. is a non-profit all – volunteer organization (registered in the State of…
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Freeze Drying Process Monitoring at Laboratory and Full-Scale

Millrock Technology is offering another informative webinar on October 3rd at 2:00pm EST “Freeze Drying Process Monitoring at Laboratory and Full-Scale”  Presented by Dr. Sacha, Senior Research scientist in the R&D department of Baxter Healthcare. Webinar Highlights: Examine the options for collecting data during freeze drying Compare and interpret data Consider how in-process data can improve…
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International Society of Lyophilization Conference

This September 17, 2019 Millrock Technology is exhibiting once again at the International Society of Lyophilization Conference in Washington DC.This year, Jonathon Goldman of Moderna Therapeutics will present “Lyophilization Process Development with MicroFD” For registration information please visit the International Society of Lyophilization’s website.        
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