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Now Available: NitroLyo: LN2 Cooling Method for Freeze Drying  Meets the Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) Criteria LEARN MORE

Other Products for Freeze Drying

Our customers' needs are always at the center of our innovation and design of products to support your freeze drying needs. We work in partnership with our customers to innovate products that deliver performance and optimize their processes as they relate to freeze drying.

Other products lyobead

LyoBead Production Systems

Turn-Key Solutions for Lyophilized Beads

Millrock Technology offers turn-key solutions for LyoBead production that include a bead dispenser (BeadLab™), sealable tray, and freeze dryer.

Other products bulkseal tray

BulkSeal™ Freeze Drying Tray

Aseptic and Anaerobic for Bulk Lyophilization Applications

The BulkSeal Tray is a sealable bulk tray system for anaerobic, sterile, or aseptic applications



Controlled Nucleation Technology

Millrock’s FreezeBooster Nucleation Station injects ice-crystals under the optimum conditions into the product chamber to initiate nucleation throughout the entire batch.

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