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About Millrock Technology

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying is Our Focus – Your Success is Our Goal

Millrock Technology is always looking to provide new innovations to the pharmaceutical freeze drying industry. As an innovator, Millrock Technology listens to the needs of the market, while providing value in our product line. We offer cutting-edge technologies and optimized methods of pharmaceutical freeze drying. Millrock Technology, Inc. manufactures robust and dependable freeze dryers, customized for the pharmaceutical /biotech marketplace. We focus on one technology and one market to best satisfy our customers’ needs.

The Millrock founding team, with over 100 years combined experience designing, manufacturing and supporting freeze-drying equipment, is the result of three generations (grandfather, father, son) of freeze drying experience. The Thompson family also founded two other very successful freeze dryer manufacturing companies.

By combining our application and design knowledge with unique technologies, Millrock freeze dryers are the highest quality products at the best prices.

Learn more about our latest Innovations:

*Patented and Patent Pending Technologies

Our new FreezeBooster & AccuFlux Technologies provide the first Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for both the freezing and primary drying phases of freeze drying.