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Freeze Dryers
Lyophilizers from Laboratory to Production

On-Demand Webinars

Small-Scale Freeze Dryer (MicroFD®) for Cycle Development and Optimization

MicroFD® is a small-scale freeze-dryer where very few vials are loaded: it allows tremendous API savings, beside shortening the stages of batch preparation & loading, condenser defrosting, etc.

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MicroFD® Protocol Development Freeze Dryer

The MicroFD® can be used to analyze and improve existing freeze-drying protocols or can develop new freeze-drying protocols in a single run.

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Tissue Bank Freeze Drying

Choosing the right instrument for specific collagen or Tissue Banking applications is part of the needs assessment and service we provide to our customers. With the right consultative approach from Millrock Technology, we will turn a seemingly complex choice into a straightforward logical decision.

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Freezing 101, As it applies to Freeze-Drying

This webinar will discuss unique events that occur during the freezing process, within a freeze dryer. Understanding the cause and effect of heat-flow is key to more efficient sublimation and better product quality.

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