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On-Demand Webinars

Introduction To Freeze-Drying

Presentation by T.N. Thompson, Founder and President of Millrock Technology

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The Graphical Design Space for Primary Drying: Sources of Variability in the Dried Product Layer and Resistance and Impact on Cycle Design

An emerging approach to lyophilization process development is to construct a graphical design space for primary drying as an aid to process optimization.

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Lyophilized Beads: Freeze-drying Cycle Parameters Considerations in Relation to Formulation Characteristics

Lyophilized beads are spheres made of lyophilized material containing a certain concentration of selected components. They are a very versatile system that provides long term stability, quick reconstitution, and easy handling.

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In-Situ Vial Strain Measurements During Freeze/Thaw Processes Using Amorphous Excipients

In lyophilized drug and biological products, crystallization of ice and excipients impart stresses on the walls of the vial which can be detected with a strain gauge. During the freezing process of lyophilization, there can be significant sample loss from vial breakage leading to loss of process control and additional cleaning expenses.

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Optimizing Freeze-Drying Processes for Tissue and Collagen Preservation

In this brief informative presentation segment the focus is on the application of freeze-drying for tissues and collagen preservation.

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Tissue Freeze Drying – Photocrosslinkable Extracellular Matrices for Re-creating an In Vivo Environment in Research

The rigidity (stiffness) of the substrate to which cells adhere can have a profound effect on cell propagation, differentiation, lineage specification, gene expression, morphology, self-renewal, pluripotency and migration.

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Sensitivity of Lyophilization Rate and Porous Structure to Small Changes in Freezing

This webinar will highlight the influence of controllable factors such as ice nucleation temperature and post nucleation shelf-cooling rate on the primary drying rate, dry product resistance and porous structure characterized by pore size distribution, specific surface area and X-ray microCT imaging.

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From MicroFD® to “Macro” Freeze Dryers and Vice Versa: A Groundbreaking Tool for Innovation in Freeze Drying

The MicroFD by Millrock Technology offers unique features for freeze drying practitioners. Few vials are processed, thus minimizing the cost of process development and shortening the stages of batch preparation & loading, condenser defrosting, etc.

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Freezing: The Foundation for a Robust Freeze-drying Cycle

Freezing is a critical stage in the freeze-drying process, serving as the foundation for a successful cycle. This brief webinar explores the significance of proper freezing, the potential problems that can arise during this phase, and the impact of freezing rate on the overall process.

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Introduction to Vial Fogging and Mitigation Strategies

Vial fogging is a phenomenon commonly observed in lyophilized biologic drug products and has been widely reported in the pharmaceutical industry. The appearance of vial fogging presents as a haze of dried powder which is visible above where the dried cake meets the inner surface of the vials.

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