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Steam Sterilizable
Production Freeze Dryer

QuantaS™ Steam Sterilizable
Production Freeze Dryer

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying in a Sterile Environment

The QuantaS Steam Sterilizable Production Freeze Dryer supplies cGMP pharmaceutical freeze dryers with steam sterilization (SIP) and 21CFR part 11 for demanding applications in bio-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

Choosing the right freeze dryer is often pivotal to the production of a great product and to long term company success. At Millrock Technology, our collaborative approach to system selection, customization and design provides the best freeze dryer for your production needs. Our support lasts throughout the production freeze dryer life cycle to help ensure that your project starts successfully and remains successful.

Our Steam Sterilizable Production Freeze Dryers include:

  • All wetted components 316L stainless steel
  • Sterilization (SIP) temperature: Controllable 121-125 degrees C
  • Evacuation and drying: Water ring pump
  • Insulation: High temperature CFC-Free foam with a stainless steel shroud around both chambers
  • Filter: 0.2 micron Sartorius with integrity testing ports
  • System cooling to ambient and drying in less than 2 hours using the refrigeration system and a liquid ring pump
  • Slope to drain
  • Customized for your application needs
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About the QuantaS Steam Sterilizable Production Freeze Dryer


Control System Opto 22 or Allen-Bradley®️
Shelf Temperature Range -60C to +65C (+80C option)
Shelf Heat Transfer Hollow, Fluid Filled
Shelf Material and Finish 316L stainless steel, 20 Ra or better. Optional electropolish
Shelf Area Up to 250 sq ft (23.226 sqM)
Shelf Stack Bulk or Hydraulic Stoppering
Product Probes 1 “T” type thermocouple/shelf
Condenser Temperature -75C dry and empty
Chamber Configuration Cylindrical or Rectangular
Chamber Rating ASME 25psi at 125C
Condenser Style Exposed Coil, Internal/External
Compressors Two Stage, Carlyle, Bitzer, Mycom (screw)
Defrost Steam
Vacuum Pump Two Stage Oil Sealed Rotary Vane, Dry (optional)
Vacuum Control Capacitance Manometer, Proportional Vacuum Control (optional)
Water Ring Pump Included standard
Frame Welded and Painted

Note: Performance specifications are estimates and may change based upon design. Specifications subject to change without notice. All specifications based on 20C ambient on 60Hz.

Millrock Technology, Inc offers 21 CRF Part 11 control system that provides the necessary platform to meet the needs of cGMP freeze drying manufacturing. All data is stored in a secure SQL database to prevent manipulation. Program access is controlled through a multi-level password system to limit access to critical areas. New and modified data entry requires electronic signature that is level controlled to prevent unauthorized changes. All changes are logged in a change log database to provide a full audit trail that meets FDA requirements.


VIAL (ml) 8 12 30 50 60 96 144 250
2 ml (15mm) 3496 5080 13190 21424 26780 43888 66500 109166
5 ml (22mm) 1612 2380 6100 10050 12560 20120 30900 50375
10 ml (24mm) 1288 1835 4940 8170 10220 17032 25500 40250
20 ml (29mm) 872 1290 3320 5610 7020 11344 17400 27250

* Number of vials is an approximation. Actuals can be provided as required.

Not sure which freeze dryer best fits your needs? Click here for our freeze dryer capacity calculator.

  • Cooling Jacket on Chamber and Door
  • Clean-In-Place Piping and Control*
  • Pass-through Design
  • Single Height Loading with Pizza Door
  • Auto Load/Unload Options
  • Internal Condenser or External Condenser
  • Isolation Valve
  • Bulk or Hydraulic Stoppering
  • Bellows Seal on Hydraulic Stoppering
  • Acrylic or Stainless Steel Door
  • MKS Proportional Vacuum Control
  • Water Ring Pump
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software
  • Validation Documentation
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • IQOQ Workbook

*Standard CIP systems are designed for water use only. Other media may not be compatible and need to be disclosed and/or approved prior to contract.


CONFIGURATION 8 12 30 50 60 96 144 250
SHELF AREA (sq ft) 8 12 30 48 60 96 144 250
SHELF AREA (sq m) .74 1.1 2.78 4.44 5.57 9.29 13.3 23.22
# OF SHELVES 4 6 10 5 6 8 12 13
SHELF SIZE (inxin) 12x24 12x24 18x24 30x48 30x48 36x48 36x48 48x60
SHELF SIZE (mmXmm) 300x600 300x600 450x600 600x915 600x915 915x1219 915x1219 1219x1500
CONDENSER CAPACITY (LITERS) 25 30 75 100 150 200 300 600

For reference only. Actual configurations may vary based on design for application needs.

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