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Heat Flux Measurement as a Process Analytical Technology for Freeze Drying                                                                                                                                                                                        

Thermal Characterization as Part of an Emperical Process for Developing Optimized Formulations and Lyophilization Cycles                                                                                                                                                                                     

Dr. Steven Nail,  T.N. Thompson, et al.  Open Source from AAPS Pharm Sci Tech.

Power Point by Tatsuhiro Kodama


Abstract by Johnathan Goldman

Power point presentation by TN Thompson, Qiming Wang & Cindy Reiter, presented by TN Thompson

Abstract by Konrad, Pauli, Friess, Hawe, Winter, Freitag

Poster by Qiming Wang, Michael Sztucki, T Narayanan, Brian Ivin, Adrian Marley, Kieran Joyce, Prem Mohanty, Evgenyi Shalaev


Webinar by TN Thompson


Webinar by TN Thompson & Jeff Schwegman

Poster by Huls, Liechty, Strongich, Alexennko, Raghunathan, Jiang, Peroulis

Scutella, Plana-Fattori, Passot, Bourles, Fonseca, Flick, Trelea

Poster by Ilona Konrad, Victoria Pauli, Laura Benz, Wolfgage Friess, Andrea Hawe, Angelika Freitag, Gerhard Winter

Ilona Konrad, Victoria Pauli, Wolfgang Friess, Angelika Freitag, Andrea Hawe, Gerhard Winter

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