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MAGNUM® Pilot Freeze Dryer

MAGNUM Freeze Dryer

Perfect for Small Scale Production

Offering up to 20 sq ft (1.85 sq M) of shelf area with a condensing rate of 30 liters and a capacity of 30 liters, the MAGNUM Pilot Freeze Dryer stands out amongst the competition. This lyophilizer offers 30% more shelf area than most other units in its class.  While the MAGNUM is commonly used for R&D purposes in the lab, it is the perfect lyophilizer for small scale production.

Our easy-to-use software provides automatic freeze-drying, defrost, system and leak rate testing. Data can be printed either numerically or graphically. This same control system is used on industrial dryers, allowing scaling to production. An interactive maintenance screen simplifies component servicing. All systems are remotely accessible, with customer approval, for troubleshooting process issues. Now available with Clean in Place.


  • 10 shelf pull down from +20 to –40C in less than 40 minutes
  • Vacuum pull down to 100 mT in less than 20 minutes
  • Vacuum leak rate less than 30 mT per hour
  • Vacuum level 10 mT in clean dry system (-85C)

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About the MAGNUM Freeze Dryer


  • PC/PLC with ethernet and remote Internet connectivity
  • Manual and automatic operating modes
  • Graphic and numeric data collection
  • Automatic system and leak rate testing
  • Options for Protocol Optimization and Controlled Nucleation


  • 10 to 20 sq ft (0.929 to 1.858 sqM)
  • 12″ x 24″ each shelf size
  • Bulk or hydraulic stoppering option, 12 PSI stoppering pressure for 2ml vials
  • 316L stainless steel on all wetted parts


  • Choke free design
  • External condenser with 6" vapor port
  • Exposed coil condensing surface to eliminate vapor bypass
  • Hot gas defrost


  • Oversized and highly reliable scroll compressors
  • CFC-free, non-proprietary refrigerants


  • Pirani vacuum sensor with solenoid control
  • Gas backfill
  • Corrosion resistant vacuum pump
  • Option: Capacitance manometer with proportional control


  • Sanitary and KF fittings on all chamber access ports

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice. All specifications based on 20C ambient on 60Hz.


SHELF AREA 10 to 20 sq ft (0.929 to 1.858 sqM)
SHELF ASSEMBLY Bulk or Hydraulic Stoppering
SHELF TEMPERATURE RANGE -45ºC to + 65°C (-53C Condenser)
-70ºC to + 65°C (-85C Condenser)
SHELF SIZE/FINISH 12″x24″, 316L SS, 20 Ra or better (305mm x 610mm)
CONDENSING RATE 20L in 24 hours
CONDENSER STYLE Exposed Coil, 6" Vapor Port
(-85C) 3.5 HP 1st stage & 2 HP 2nd stage
PRODUCT SENSORS 4 Type T Thermocouples
VACUUM PUMP Corrosion Resistant
VACUUM CONTROL Pirani w/ Solenoid & Needle Valve
Option: Capacitance manometer with proportional control
CONTROL SYSTEM PC/PLC with Opti-Dry® Gen2 Software
TRAYS One per shelf included
CABINET 45.5″w x 33″d x 78″h
ELECTRICAL FOR -53C UNITS 230V/60Hz, 3ph, 30A
460V/60Hz, 3ph, 25A
380V/50Hz, 3ph, 30A
ELECTRICAL FOR -85C UNITS 230V/60Hz, 1ph, 40A
220V/50Hz, 1ph, 40A
380V/50Hz, 3ph, 30A
# Shelves
      5 6 7 8 9 10
2 16 41 3870 4664 5418 6192 6966 7740
5 22 48 2015 2418 2821 3224 3627        -
10 24 58 1610 1932 2254 2576 2898        -
20 29 71 1090 1308 1526 1744        -        -
50 43 81 480 576 672        -        -        -
100 52 92 325 390 455        -        -        -

* Capacity data shown in the above chart is an approximation.

Shelves Spacing
(sq ft/sq m)
5 5.5 / 139 10 / 0.93
6 4.5 / 114 12 / 1.1
7 3.75 / 95 14 / 1.3
8 3.25 / 82 16 / 1.48
9 2.8 / 71 18 / 1.67
10 2.5 / 63.5 20 / 1.858
Depth 5 6 7 8 9 10
10mm 9.3 11.1 13 14.8 16.7 18.8
15mm 13.9 16.7 19.5 22.3 25 27.8

* Capacity data shown in the above chart is an approximation.

Our new Opti-Dry Gen2 software provides sophisticated and intelligent tools to easily develop and execute both simple and advanced freeze-drying cycles.

Millrock Reporter is included with every system, providing full batch reporting, including recipe, graphs, data, and alarms in a single report.

Predictive maintenance with advanced system monitoring delivers cost-savings and enables maximum uptime by tracking and monitoring
the condition and performance of equipment during normal operation.

This same control system is used on industrial freeze dryers, allowing scaling to production. All systems are remotely accessible, with customer approval, for troubleshooting process issues.


  • Clean room configuration
  • Water Cooled Condenser
  • Butterfly isolation valve on condenser
  • 8" Vapor Port
  • Shelf latching kit to change shelf inter-distance
  • Isolator interface for connection to an isolator
  • Stainless steel door when using solvents
  • LN2 trap to protect your vacuum pump from solvents
  • Clean In Place to wash between different products
  • H2O2 integration for sterilization
  • Controlled Nucleation - FreezeBooster®


  • Auto-Dry Protocol Development
  • Up to 16 thermocouples
  • Resistivity probe
  • 21 CFR Part 11 capable software


  • Capacitance manometer to control the same as production systems
  • Proportional vacuum control (+/-2mT control)
  • Dry vacuum pump for use when processing solvents


  • Startup and training
  • Software Validation
  • Electro-Mechanical Validation documentation
  • IQOQ, FAT and SAT documentation and execution
Click here to learn more about our Clean-In-Place technology featured in the Magnum Freeze Dryer.
Click here to watch our Clean In Place (CIP) technology in action.
*Standard CIP systems are designed for water use only. Other medias may not be compatible and need to be disclosed and/or approved prior to contract.

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