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BulkSeal™ Freeze Drying Tray

BulkSeal Freeze Drying Tray

Aseptic and Anaerobic for Bulk Lyophilization Applications

The BulkSeal Tray is a sealable bulk tray system for anaerobic, sterile, or aseptic applications. It is impermeable and can handle liquids, solids, and devices. The tray eliminates the risk of particle generation, enables transport and storage, and protects its operators.

Compared to a single-use enclosed freeze drying tray, the BulkSeal Tray is reusable, providing a sustainable option for your application. Our tray can also be fitted with a transparent lid enabling visual inspection and can seal other devices under vacuum, such as well plates, diagnostic beads, tissue and other custom container types not suitable for single-use enclosed freeze drying trays.

BulkSeal Tray Features:

  • Choice of materials
    • Tray
      • Anodized aluminum
      • Teflon coated
    • Lid
      • Acrylic
      • Anodized aluminum
  • Lid hermetically sealable
    • Mechanical or
    • Vacuum sealable
  • Liquid fill method
    • Pump
    • Draw by vacuum
    • The tray can also be filled manually
  • Sterilization options
    • Steam
    • Vaporized hydrogen peroxide
    • ETO
    • Other methods may be compatible, please inquire
  • Automatically opens inside freeze dryer
  • Hermetically seals inside freeze dryer (requires stoppering)
  • Available in two sizes: 10" x 10" and 12" x 12"
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10x10 BulkSeal Tray

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12x12 BulkSeal Tray
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Applications for the BulkSeal Tray

Perfect solution for bulk products requiring aseptic handling, transport or storage under vacuum.

  • Highly potent and dangerous products
  • Microbiome materials
  • Collagen and scaffold materials
  • Diagnostic Devices and reagents
  • Medical devices
  • Materials that require aseptic or anerobic handling
  • Contained and controlled atmosphere pre/post freeze drying
  • Operator protection from exposure such as cytotoxic materials
  • Long term storage pre and post to freeze drying
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