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Tissue Freeze Drying

Freeze Drying Tissue: Preserving and Storing Life-Saving Treatments

Tissue and collagen bio-scaffolds have become a unique yet vital part of various medical specialties, especially emergency medicine. The ever-evolving field of wound care in particular relies on these scaffolds to change and save lives. Once the raw material is harvested from bovine, porcine, shellfish, human or ovine sources, it must be stabilized for preservation, transport, and long-term storage.

That’s where freeze drying is crucial – it accomplishes all this without any degradation to the tissue. Freeze drying also enables control of collagen pore sizes.

For a more in depth look at tissue freeze drying read our latest white paper, “Considerations When Freeze Drying Tissue”. 

Customized Tissue Freeze Drying Solutions

The freeze drying process for tissue and collagen must be effective, optimized, and customizable. Millrock’s team understands that each customer’s needs are different, whether drying tissue, bone, collagen, or other biological material, and is an expert at creating tailored solutions as part of a long-term partnership.

A Trusted Tissue Freeze Drying Partner

Millrock’s equipment is more robust, with industry-leading quality and reliability you can trust with your valuable product. We are proud of the long-term partnerships we build with professionals in the tissue industry.

Our MAGNUM® Pilot Freeze Dryers and our EPIC Small Production Freeze Dryer are innovative, high-performing products designed with tissue applications in mind. These systems offer robust refrigeration systems for long term reliability, sophisticated control systems with robust data collection and reporting, as well as options such as hydrogen peroxide sterilization capability.

For more information, read Freeze Drying Tissue: Preserving and Storing Life-Saving Treatments.


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