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Thermocouple Holder for Freeze Drying

Thermocouple Holder for Freeze Drying Highlights:

Thermocouple holder is available in 13 or 20 mm neck

  • Please note:  If your vial is a “blow back” type please indicate that when placing your order.
  • Sold without thermocouple
  • Suitable for 36 or smaller gauge thermocouples such as Omega 5SRTC-TT-T-30-XX
  • Made of the same material used for dental implants

The vent ports on top of the thermocouple holders simulate the vapor path of a standard split stopper in area.   Gravimetric studies were done with this configuration to further confirm that the thermocouple vent port allowed the passage of vapor in the same manner in a split stopper.  This allows the monitored sample to be run along side the standard samples without interference.


Thermocouple Holders for Freeze Drying provide an easy and accurate way of placing a product sensor in a vial. They can be locked into place and  provide a consistent placement and can be used repeatedly. Each probe is designed to be adjustable for various vial heights.


VTH-M-0013 Vial Thermocouple Holder for 13 mm neck.


VTH-M-0020 Vial Thermocouple Holder for 2o mm neck.

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