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BioTechnology Freeze Dryers / BioTech Industry Freeze Dryers

Freeze Drying Biotech Products

Biotech products being derived from living organisms such as enzymes or bacteria require a methodology for stabilization to extend shelf life and allow east transport. Freeze drying has become an essential part of the biotech industry, where removing the aqueous and solvent solutions from the biologic prevents degradation and preserves the proteins needed for its drug delivery methodology. An optimized freeze drying process is critical, especially at the current industry pace where the goal is a high production rate with low costs.

Flexible, Performance-Driven BioTech Freeze Drying Solutions

Whether you’re in the R&D phase or ready for full scale production, the Millrock team of experts will help you develop a freeze drying solution tailored to your biotechnology needs. Our company is proud of the long-term partnerships we develop with customers, delivering the tools for shorter processing times, higher product throughput, batch-to-batch consistency, and optimum product quality.

Millrock Technology’s engineering staff designs our products with the customers’ application challenges in mind, developing products that are more robust and reliable. Every component of our products are engineered with a purpose. From the design of our refrigeration systems to the proper use of instrumentation, all product components are high-quality and right for processing our valuable freeze-dried products.


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