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Quanta Production Freeze Dryers – Lyophilizers

Taking Freeze Drying to the Next Level

Whether you need a pharmaceutical quality (c-GMP) commercial freeze dryer or an industrial grade production freeze dryer at the best price possible—Millrock Technology, Inc. has a solution to meet your requirements. Each production freeze dryer is custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific application and budgetary needs. As the science and equipment of freeze drying continues to evolve Millrock freeze dryers are continuously updated with the latest features and technology. This is all designed to provide you with optimum performance.  Let us help you make your freeze drying project a successful one.

full view cut out
Clean room freeze dryer

Sterile Production Freeze Dryers

Many products require that they are freeze dried in a sterile environment and free from cross contamination from batch-to-batch.  In production freeze dryers steam sterilization (aka Steam-in-Place or SIP) is the preferred method.   During freeze drying, dryers are under low pressures at low temperatures.  The SIP cycle then subjects the freeze dryer to high pressure and high temperature.   These extremes in pressure and temperature require special design consideration and construction.  Millrock Technology provides steam sterilizable freeze dryers to meet the most rigorous conditions. 

Production Freeze dryer without refrigeration skids
Non Sterile Production Freeze Dryer, freeze dryer with an internal condenser

Non-Sterile Production Freeze Dryers

Many products are able to be produced in freeze dryers that are not sterilized nor in a clean room.  To accommodate the large range of requirements for these types of freeze dryers, Millrock Technology offers a wide variety of options that will save you cost while meeting your production requirements.