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Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying: From Laboratory to Production

As a pharmaceutical freeze drying industry professional, you understand the increasing importance of minimizing processing times while decreasing costs, making freeze drying cycle optimization crucial to your process. This is especially true for products produced on a large scale, where the cost increases significantly with time spent in the freeze dryer.

Let our team of experts help you develop a pharmaceutical freeze drying solution that best meets your business needs, whether you are in the R&D phase or full scale production. Our products are engineered to deliver shorter processing times and higher product throughput while ensuring optimum product quality and consistency between batches.

Our company is proud of the long-term partnerships we develop with our customers, providing industry-changing innovations, high-performing products, and on-call expert support.

Robust Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Solutions

Millrock Technology’s engineering staff designs our products with your application challenges in mind, developing products that are more robust and reliable. Every component of our products are engineered with a purpose. From the design of our refrigeration systems to the proper use of instrumentation, all product components are high-quality and right for processing your valuable freeze-dried products.


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