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Freeze Dryer Support & Repair

Service is our Priority

Our service team’s goal is to keep your unit up and running 24/7.

Freeze Drying is the only thing we do. Our people have deep knowledge of the product and operation of freeze drying equipment. When you call Millrock you speak to someone who has experience building and operating the equipment. Our freeze drying support staff can quickly answer your questions, saving you time.

Other companies have geographically separated their sales and service centers and require their employees to sell and support multiple product lines, which greatly diminishes their ability to provide answers. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness and product knowledge.

You can call us seven days a week.

We offer the following and more:

Service on demand
Remote Support
Periodic maintenance agreements
Service agreements
Equipment installation
Freeze Dryer Maintenance
In-House Service Training
Control System Upgrades
Service/Maintenance for Non-Millrock Freeze Dryers
Refurbishment/Component Upgrades for Non-Millrock Freeze Dryers

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