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Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers from Laboratory to Production

Welcome To Millrock Technology

Selecting the right freeze dryer can feel like a daunting task, particularly if you are just starting out. We would be happy to talk through a discovery process with you in order to understand your short, intermediate and long-term goals for freeze drying and suggest the best match for your product(s) and needs. Our goal is to fit you with the best freeze dryer, within your budget, possible. We can provide you with tips and training to help you get started or we can discuss with you how to shorten your freeze drying run for optimized commercialization.

Have an older freeze dryer that is no longer meeting your needs? Ask us about our LyoRevival program! We will happily review your existing freeze dryer for upgrade or trade-in possibilities. We will make sure that all of your options are covered so that you can make the best decision possible on whether or not to refurbish and upgrade or trade in for new.

If you have limited API available or find that your laboratory R&D freeze dryer has a waiting list a mile long the new MicroFD® Freeze Dryer is for you. Through proprietary technology the MicroFD allows you to freeze dry as few as 19 vials, optimize primary drying and collect all critical process parameters necessary for cycle transfer.  Because it utilizes less product than your normal laboratory freeze dryer, defrost and set-up time are reduced to minutes vs hours, thus saving valuable research time and energy. Researchers love being able to freeze dry with less product and with a fraction of the set-up turn-around time.

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Quanta – Production Series

Millrock Technology offers sterile and non-sterile production freeze dryers, customized to your needs.

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EpicTM Small Production Freeze Dryer

The Epic Series provides a platform like that of a production dryer while maintaining the versatility of a lab scale dryer.

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Magnum® Pilot Freeze Dryer

Offering up to 20sf of shelf area, the Magnum is sized for small scale production with the capabilities of and R&D style unit.

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Revo® Series Freeze Dryers

The Millrock Revo® Series is a new generation laboratory research shelf freeze dryer. Product can be loaded on the shelves and frozen prior to drying

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Stellar® Laboratory Freeze Dryer

The Stellar® Series is the perfect solution for both protocol development and small scale production needs.

MicroFD Small Research Freeze Dryer, millrock technology


The MicroFD with LyoSim® and LyoPAT® does more than larger lab freeze dryers do but with fewer vials.

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Console Manifold Freeze Dryers

Millrock has responded to customer demand for a cost effective high performance manifold freeze dryer. 

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BenchTop Manifold Freeze Dryers

Millrock has responded to customer demand for a cost effective high performance benchtop manifold freeze dryer. 

Leaders in Freeze Drying Innovation

Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers from Laboratory to Production

About Millrock Technology

Millrock Technology Inc offers a full range of freeze dryers, including comprehensive production lyophilizers and advanced protocol optimization systems. Let us help you optimize your freeze drying results and help you choose the best freeze dryer for your application.

Innovative by Design

Millrock Technology is always researching new innovations for the freeze drying industry. With a focus on improvement, Millrock Technology listens to the needs of the market, while providing value in our product line. We offer cutting-edge system controls, accessories and technologies and optimized methods of freeze drying by applying new equipment tools to the lyophilization process. We are firmly dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art equipment used in freeze drying.

Focused on Freeze Drying

Millrock Technology, Inc. is focused only on freeze drying and lyophilization. We strive to make innovative breakthroughs in the technology to further the success of our customers. Our customers include those who have added our technology to their existing freeze dryers in order to have the most robust and comprehensive approach to their freeze drying needs. We offer lyophilizers including small 2L benchtop manifold systems, research and development tray type freeze dryers and production dryers from 20 to 400 sq ft cGMP.

Rock Solid Performance and Service

Millrock Technology focuses all of its efforts on freeze drying, creating a high quality product with the customer’s needs in mind. This single-mindedness means that the staff at Millrock lives and breathes freeze drying, creating a freeze drying rich environment and team. We can create the most elegant response to your freeze drying equipment and service requirements because every staff member is attentive to our customer’s issues and needs.

Freeze Drying is In Our Blood

The team at Millrock Technology is led by a third generation of freeze drying equipment designers and manufacturers. The Millrock team includes key equipment leaders from as far back as 1957. Years of experience combined with our current innovation strategies create a vibrant organization that is clearly positioned to help our customer’s excel.


For more information on Millrock Technology and our product offerings, contact us by submitting an online form, requesting a quote, emailing sales@millrocktech.com or calling 845-339-5700

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