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Latest Innovations from Millrock Technology

Our customers' needs are always at the center of our innovation and design of freeze drying technology. We work in partnership with our customers to innovate products that deliver performance and optimize their processes.


Introducing Opti-Dry Gen2®

Next Generation Control Technology

Our Opti-Dry Gen2 software takes freeze drying cycle development and process control to the next level.


LyoBead Production Systems

Turn-Key Solutions for Lyophilized Beads

Provides all the necessary parts to quickly implement using LyoBeads.


BulkSeal™ Freeze Drying Tray

Aseptic and Anaerobic for Bulk Lyophilization Applications

This tray eliminates the risk of particle generation, enables transport and storage, and protects its operators.


Meet MicroFD®

A Revolution in Lyophilization

Changing freeze drying research, development, and cycle transfer forever.


Millrock Batch Reporter

Easy-To-Use and Dynamically Powerful

Designed to save you time and enable you with instant access to both historical freeze drying data and real-time live data.

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