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On-Demand Webinars

Considerations for Bulk Freeze Drying

In the freeze drying world, most of the work and literature published is related to vial freeze drying and does not touch on some of the differences that are only seen when working with bulk materials. This webinar will highlight some of the most common challenges users face when freeze drying bulk material as well as some of the features that users should be attentive to when selecting a freeze dryer to be used in a bulk application.

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Next Generation Vials for COVID-19 Vaccines and Cell and Gene Therapies

The emergence of cell and gene therapies and new COVID-19 vaccines brings the promise of treating some of the most challenging diseases. Storage, transport, and delivery of these breakthrough therapies for safe clinical use has its own set of challenges.

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Pharmaceutical Development of Antibody Drug Conjugates, Live with Q&A

Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) are antibodies equipped with a small number of chemotherapeutic molecules with the aid of a linker system.  They have grown in importance because the antibody targets specific cells where they drop off their payload of chemotherapeutic molecules.  This is a huge advantage to chemotherapy. 

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Developing a Transferable Lyophilization Protocol Using a Micro Freeze Dryer with Processing Analytical Technology

This webinar will demonstrate how the MicroFD with LyoPAT can be used to both develop an optimized lyophilization protocol and then transfer the protocol to a pilot or production scale system.

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Assess Product Heterogeneity and Scale-up Risks in Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying via Mathematical Modeling

Due to the product pre-conditioning in individual vials, freeze-drying process can be difficult to design and often results in batches presenting a significant heterogeneity in the quality of the final product. This webinar focuses on the understanding and quantification of the sources responsible for heat and mass transfer variability during the process.

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Freeze Dry Process Monitoring at Laboratory and Full-Scale

The purpose of this webinar is to describe the types of in-process data that can be collected and provide examples of their use. In-process data collected at full-scale are valuable for demonstrating the success of scale-up, for routine process monitoring, and for solving problems that may occur during the process.

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Small-Scale Freeze Dryer (MicroFD®) for Cycle Development and Optimization

MicroFD® is a small-scale freeze-dryer where very few vials are loaded: it allows tremendous API savings, beside shortening the stages of batch preparation & loading, condenser defrosting, etc.

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MicroFD® Protocol Development Freeze Dryer

The MicroFD® can be used to analyze and improve existing freeze-drying protocols or can develop new freeze-drying protocols in a single run.

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Tissue Bank Freeze Drying

Choosing the right instrument for specific collagen or Tissue Banking applications is part of the needs assessment and service we provide to our customers. With the right consultative approach from Millrock Technology, we will turn a seemingly complex choice into a straightforward logical decision.

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Freezing, As it applies to Freeze-Drying

This webinar will discuss unique events that occur during the freezing process, within a freeze dryer. Understanding the cause and effect of heat-flow is key to more efficient sublimation and better product quality.

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