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MicroFD® Protocol Development Freeze Dryer


The MicroFD® can be used to analyze and improve existing freeze-drying protocols or can develop new freeze-drying protocols in a single run.

When using the system for existing protocols, the MicroFD collects the critical process parameter data which can be analyzed and used as a baseline, delivering a full understanding of the existing lyophilization cycle.

The MicroFD is equipped with tools that further enable the optimization of a lyophilization cycle. The MicroFD enables both the Freezing and Primary Drying cycles to be optimized to gain the shortest freeze-drying time while developing the critical process parameters needed for tech-transfer to larger, pilot or production systems.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Takes the guesswork out of protocol development.
  • Uses less of your valuable product for R&D.
  • R&D and cycle transfer with as few as 7 vials.
  • Determines Kv, Rp and other critical process parameters.

Pre-Recorded Webinar: 14:47 Minutes

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