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International Society of Lyophilization Conference

This September 17, 2019 Millrock Technology is exhibiting once again at the International Society of Lyophilization Conference in Washington DC.This year, Jonathon Goldman of Moderna Therapeutics will present “Lyophilization Process Development with MicroFD” For registration information please visit the International Society of Lyophilization’s website.        
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Millrock Technology Latest News on the Factory Floor

Among the instruments in our workflow this month, Millrock Technology is readying three Quanta® Freeze Dryers for FAT and shipment. The Quanta is a production level lyophilizer available in both steam sterilizable and non-sterile formats. (details). Here in a Millrock staging area, our engineers are readying three Quanta instruments for Factory Acceptance Testing.  
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Millrock Technology Partners with Purdue University on NSF-Funded Project to Develop “Self-Driving” Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers

Pharmaceutical freeze drying has a reputation of being an expensive and time-consuming process, but the latest freeze drying innovations are saving money and time, as well as changing the face of freeze drying forever. At Millrock, we are committed to developing these innovations, and pleased to announce a new partnership with researchers at Purdue University…
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Freeze Dryer Advancements and Innovation

Millrock Technology Highlighted In Article Millrock Technology President T.N. Thompson recently had the opportunity to share his experience and perspective as a freeze drying innovator in a piece entitled “Changing Perceptions: An Understanding of Lyophilization Advancements.” The article focuses on how technical advances in understanding and controlling the freeze drying process must be…
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Millrock Technology Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Ask Us A Question! Kingston, NY – (April 26, 2019) Millrock Technology, an industry leader in lyophilization and lyophilizer/freeze dryer manufacturing, is pleased to announce that it has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification. The comprehensive system audits covered every aspect of operations. “Any company that has been through the certification process knows that achieving ISO 9001:2015…
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Millrock Technology’s MicroFD® Offers Significant API Savings

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences article determines that Millrock’s MicroFD® offers significant API savings for use in cycle development, formulation screening, and optimization With Millrock Tech’s innovative MicroFD with LyoSIM and LyoPAT®, our goal is to provide the pharmaceutical freeze drying industry with a small-scale lyophilizer that uses fewer vials than larger laboratory freeze dryers, but…
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Scaling Up Your Freeze Drying Protocol

Here at Millrock Technology, we often speak with research professionals eager to explore new ways to save time and money in their pharmaceutical and biotech freeze drying processes. Millrock Tech responded with a new patented innovation: the MicroFD® with LyoSim and LyoPAT®— a small-batch protocol development freeze dryer that uses between 3 and 37 vials…
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