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New Book Chapter: Advances in Process Analytical Technology for Freeze-Drying – A Small-Scale Approach for Enhanced Analysis and Optimization

Millrock Technology, a leading provider of lyophilization equipment and services, announced today the publication of a new chapter in the book, “Principles and Practices of Lyophilization in Product Development and Manufacturing”. This book is an essential resource for researchers and practitioners in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. It covers in-depth lyophilization processes with case studies, presents engineering antibodies as therapeutic agents and new FDA requirement, and includes cyropreservation of biologicals and CFD modeling. This is part of the book series: AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Series
The chapter, authored by T.N. Thompson and Spencer Holmes, entitled “Advances in Process Analytical Technology: A Small-Scale Freeze-Dryer for Process Analysis, Optimization and Transfer,” investigates several PAT methods for improving both freezing and primary drying using a small batch of product, for example, 7-37 vials. The process analytical technologies include a heat flux sensor, control nucleation, and closed-loop product temperature control.


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