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Now Available: NitroLyo: LN2 Cooling Method for Freeze Drying  Meets the Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) Criteria LEARN MORE

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Resistivity Monitoring in Freeze Drying Systems

***NEW*** MILLROCK TECHNOLOGY introduces a Resistivity Monitoring System for determining the frozen state of a material during the freeze drying process. The resistivity of a substance dramatically increases as a solution changes state from a liquid to a solid.  By monitoring the resistivity of a solution during Freeze Drying, the freezing point and melting point…
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Request a Special Freeze Dryer!

Are you looking for a unique Freeze Dryer that you cannot find?  Do you have new ideas for a Freeze Dryer design?  Special design requests for Freeze Dryers are NOT out of the question.  We look forward to talking to you about your special requests.  Although not all special requests can be accommodated we will…
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Freeze Drying Sterilization

Millrock Technology’s H2O2 Integration Kit: An Alternative To Steam Freeze Drying Sterilization H2O2 freeze drying sterilization integration kit is considered an easily validated, safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly method that can easily reduces investment costs as well as the sterilization cycle time. H2O2 sterilizes equipment under vacuum at room temperature, and therefore the freeze dryer…
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