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Refurbished Freeze Dryer

Millrock Technology’s LyoRevival: Freeze Dryer Refurbishment and Renewal

Don’t have the budget to buy a new Lyo? Learn more about Millrock Technology LyoRevival, our refurbished freeze dryer program! Our experts will take your existing lyophilizer and make it work/look like new, or even better, make it work like today’s equipment. Millrock Technology has refurbished freeze dryers including FTS LyoStar™ as well as Virtis Genesis and Ultra, Usifroid and Hull systems. Interested in purchasing a restored unit? Check out our refurbished freeze dryers page for listings of available machines.

Reconditioning can be as simple as periodic maintenance or control system upgrades, including replacing vacuum lines to eliminate rubber hoses, upgrading vacuum sensors from thermocouple style to Pirani, and repainting the panels to restore them to like-new conditions.

Refurbished Freeze Dryer: Periodic Maintenance

Replacing the chamber and condenser gaskets, cleaning the air cooled condenser and inside the cabinet, changing the vacuum pump oil and testing the system for proper performance.

Refurbished Freeze Dryer: Control System Upgrades

Replacing the proprietary microprocessor or aging PLC with a Ethernet based PC/PLC, providing the latest in process control and data collection. 21 CFR Part 11 controls are also available. Every 5 years technology changes to the point where old control systems are obsolete and not supported. Upgrade to a full PC/PLC control system at the fraction of the cost of a new system.

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