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Reconditioned Freeze Dryers – LyoRevival

LYO Revival is Millrock Technology's refurbishment program, which includes a complete review and renewal of all mechanical systems and an upgrade to the Millrock PC/PLC controller. Millrock Technology is happy to offer reconditioned freeze dryers as they become available. If you have a requirement for a used piece of equipment please contact us and we will be happy to let you know if we have an appropriate piece of equipment available at this time or if we believe one will be available in the future. We will also recondition your existing freeze dryer. For more information on these items or to explore having your existing freeze dryer refurbished contact


No items available at this time



LYO Revival ES85B11  Epic Small Production Freeze Dryer

Eleven  shelves in a bulk breeze dryer with a condenser temperature of -85C.  10 product temperature probes, 8" isolation valve, PLC control with a back up UPS on the control system, validation documents.

LYO Revival RD85S4 Revo Research Freeze Dryer

4 shelf stoppering freeze dryer, 30 liter condenser with temperature to -85C, pirani and capacitance manometer vacuum sensors, 6 inch port between chamber and condenser with 6 inch isolation valve.  Proportional vacuum control.  Comes with advanced control package-LyoPAT 2.  Chamber side modified for connection of FreezeBooster Controlled Nucleation.  10 product probes.

LYO Revival RD85S4 Revo Research Freeze Dryer

4 stoppering product shelves, 30 liter condenser capable of temperatures to -85C.  Capacitance manometer, 4 product temperature probes, 4 inch port between chambers with an isolation valve.

LYO Revival RD85S3 Revo Research Freeze Dryer

3 shelf stoppering tray dryer. 30L condenser (20L in 24 hours) goes to -85C. Pirani Vacuum Gauge, pressure control, gas backfill and a 375 lpm vacuum pump. Options include 4″ vapor port, 4″ isolation valve, capacitance manometer, 18 product probes.