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Practical Applications Utilizing Latest Equipment

This hands-on formulation development lyophilization training course covers aspects of freeze drying as it relates to the pharmaceutical, biological, and food industries. As opposed to using a “trial and error” approach, modern formulation and process development scientists have the information and tools essential to designing an optimal formulation development and lyophilization cycle using a scientifically based empirical approach. By understanding the scientific principles and physical properties of the formulation and the lyophilization process taught in this freeze drying course, the development scientist can design a product that is produced in the most cost effective manner, in the least amount of time, is of the highest quality, and has adequate long term stability.

These topics and techniques are first discussed in a classroom setting and then put into practice in an onsite laboratory in our hands-on lyophilization course. Attendees receive prepared samples, and use the equipment discussed in the lectures to characterize the thermal properties before developing an optimized lyophilization cycle for those samples. Finally, attendees conduct finished product testing to evaluate the effects of the formulation and lyophilization cycle on their samples.

McCrone Group Hooke College of Applied Sciences: Lyophilization Practical Applications Course Registration

This lyophilization training course has been scheduled to conveniently preceed the International Society of Lyophilization- Freeze Drying Midwest Chapter Conference, April 14, 2016. Freeze Dry course attendees are encouraged to stay an extra day and network with fellow lyophilzation practitioners after class concludes.

Formulation Development and Lyophilization: Course Details

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Taylor N. Thompson, Jr. Adjunct Instructor – Hooke College of Applied Sciences

formulation development

Gregory A. Sacha, Ph.D.Adjunct Instructor – Hooke College of Applied Sciences


formulation development

Ruben J. Nieblas Technical Sales – McCrone Microscopes & Accessories Instructor – Hooke College of Applied Sciences