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Thermal Analysis: Part of An Empirical Freeze Drying Process

Webinar: Thermal Characterization for Developing Optimized Formulations and Lyophilization Cycles

This webinar covers fundamentals of thermal analysis including the characterization of physical properties of materials that are commonly used to formulate freeze dried products, the impact that these materials can have on how products freeze dry (in regards to the physical and chemical integrity), and the analytical techniques that are used to characterize these properties of the formulated product.

Thermal Analysis: Webinar Takeaways

  • Understanding the thermal properties of a formulation (crystalline, amorphous, mixed)
  • Understanding the critical temperatures (Tg’, Te, Tc) of a formulation
  • Understanding different excipients in formulations and how they affect the thermal properties

Original webinar registration link for reference: Thermal Characterization as Part of an Empirical Process for Developing Optimized Formulations and Lyophilization Cycles