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FreezeBooster® Controlled Nucleation Station

FreezeBooster® is a patent-pending technique to enable controlled nucleation during the freezing step of the freeze drying cycle.  The FreezeBooster Controlled Nucleation Station (NS20) is a standalone portable device that has been demonstrated to work on ALL lab scale freeze dryers, up to 30sf.  It is a robust and effective solution for controlled nucleation on…

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LyoPAT® Determines Vial Heat Transfer Coefficient (Kv), Defines Process Design Space In A Single Run & Develops Transferrable Protocols

What does LyoPAT® do? -Eliminates the need for thermocouples in vials -Provides important process data such as : -Vial Heat transfer coefficient (Kv) -Cake Resistance (Rp) -Heat Flow (Hf) -Mass Flow  (Mf) …. And many other significant process parameters. -Determines the end of Freezing, End of Primary Drying as well as End of Secondary Drying…

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Research And Development Needs And Opportunities In Freeze Drying

Looking to learn more about research and development needs and opportunities in freeze drying? The REVO®, Millrock Technology’s Research & Development Freeze Dryer, is the perfect solution for research and development needs and opportunities in freeze drying – both your protocol development and small scale production needs! Millrock Technology’s Revo R&D Freeze Dryer combines the most…

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