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Do you have a used Freeze-Dryer that you want to sell?

DO YOU HAVE A USED FREEZE-DRYER THAT YOU WANT TO SELL? Let us help you.  Contact Millrock Technology today.

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Freeze Dryers with High Pressure Stoppering for 2ml Vials

***NEW***  Millrock Technology, Inc. now offers high pressure, 12 psi, hydraulic stoppering as an option on all freeze-dryers.   As freeze-dried products become more potent and vial sizes shrink higher stoppering pressures are required. Millrocks’ freeze dryers with high pressure stoppering are designed to easily seal 2ml vials. The high-pressure stoppering feature eliminates any need to specially condition…

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Pilot Freeze Drying: Advanced Controls

Millrock Technology MAGNUM® Pilot Freeze Dryer By combining the most sophisticated laboratory freeze dryer with the most powerful PC/PLC control system to enable one-run protocol development, Millrock Technology is making pilot freeze drying and protocol development affordable! Designed to automate and optimize the freeze drying cycle using Auto-Dry protocol development software, Millrock’s MAGNUM pilot freeze dryer…

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Freeze Drying Cycle Optimization Software

Freeze Drying Cycle Optimization: Millrock Technology Auto-Dry™ The ultimate freeze drying cycle optimization package, Millrock Technology’s Auto-Dry Technology software is the one-step method to developing a successful freeze drying run by generating a base line protocol based upon user input of product information. Once the base line protocol is established, the freeze dryer automatically adjusts the…

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Pilot/Production Scale Freeze Dryers

Taking Freeze Drying to the Next Level Millrock Technology provides Pharmaceutical quality (cGMP) and industrial grade freeze dryers that meet the most demanding application requirements. Systems are available in sizes that offer maximum throughput and finished product consistency. Millrock optimizes the systems’ performance by matching the shelf area with the condenser capacity. Components such as…

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FreezeBooster® Controlled Nucleation

Do you have a freeze dryer that is not ASME rated but you want uniform Nucleation??? We may have the answer for you… Millrock Technology now offers a method to promote controlled nucleation in most pharmaceutical/R&D freeze dryers. This Patent Pending method produces a uniform ice structure across all vials to improve product consistency and…

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FreezeBooster® Controlled Nucleation Station

FreezeBooster® is a patent-pending technique to enable controlled nucleation during the freezing step of the freeze drying cycle.  The FreezeBooster Controlled Nucleation Station (NS20) is a standalone portable device that has been demonstrated to work on ALL lab scale freeze dryers, up to 30sf.  It is a robust and effective solution for controlled nucleation on…

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LyoPAT® Determines Vial Heat Transfer Coefficient (Kv), Defines Process Design Space In A Single Run & Develops Transferrable Protocols

What does LyoPAT® do? -Eliminates the need for thermocouples in vials -Provides important process data such as : -Vial Heat transfer coefficient (Kv) -Cake Resistance (Rp) -Heat Flow (Hf) -Mass Flow  (Mf) …. And many other significant process parameters. -Determines the end of Freezing, End of Primary Drying as well as End of Secondary Drying…

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Research And Development Needs And Opportunities In Freeze Drying

Looking to learn more about research and development needs and opportunities in freeze drying? The REVO®, Millrock Technology’s Research & Development Freeze Dryer, is the perfect solution for research and development needs and opportunities in freeze drying – both your protocol development and small scale production needs! Millrock Technology’s Revo R&D Freeze Dryer combines the most…

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