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FreezeBooster® Nucleation Station

Robust and effective solution for controlled nucleation on YOUR freeze dryer.


Magnum® Series

Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer

THE MAGNUM® is sized for small scale production, offering up to 20 square feet of shelf area.


EPIC® Series

Lyophilizer/Freeze Dryer

The EPIC® offers the capabilities of a production dryer (up to 30sf of shelf area), while maintaining the versatility of a lab scale dryer.


Innovators in Freeze Drying

Millrock Technology, Inc.

We focus on one technology and one market to best satisfy our customers' needs.


Revo® Series

Lyophilizer / Freeze Dryer

The Millrock Revo® Series is the perfect solution for both your protocol development and small scale production needs

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LyoHUB’s industry members, from pharmaceutical and food processing sectors, as well as equipment manufacturers, engage with both university and federal partners in pre-competitive collaboration. Through combined resources and expertise, LyoHUB will work to develop a technology roadmap for making critical and transformative advances in key areas that will significantly increase the competitiveness of advanced manufacturers […]

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This webinar will cover the physical properties of materials that are commonly used to formulate freeze-dried products, the impact that these materials can have on how products freeze-dry (in regards to the physical and chemical integrity), and the analytical techniques that are used to characterize these properties of the formulated product. Understanding if a crystalline, […]

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The course is sponsored by Millrock Technology, Inc, AB BioTechnologies, Inc and McCrone Microscopes. It will be held from November 3-5 at Hooke College in Westmont, IL. This course covers aspects of freeze drying as it relates to the pharmaceutical, biological, tissue, and food industries. As opposed to using a “trial and error” approach, modern […]

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Welcome To Millrock Technology

Freeze Drying / Lyophilization from the Laboratory to Production


LyoPAT® is a dynamic, closed loop process control of Freezing, Primary Drying and Secondary Drying..


FreezeBooster® is a patent-pending technique to enable controlled nucleation during the freezing step of the freeze drying cycle.

Production Series

Millrock Technology offers sterile and non-sterile production freeze dryers, customized to your needs.

Epic® Series

The Epic Series provides a platform like that of a production dryer while maintaining the versatility of a lab scale dryer.

Magnum® Series

Offering up to 20sf of shelf area, the Magnum is sized for small scale production with the capabilities of and R&D style unit.

Revo® Series

The REVO® Series is designed for protocol development and small scale production needs.

Stellar® Series

The Stellar® Series is the perfect solution for both protocol development and small scale production needs.

Manifold Freeze Dryers

Manifold freeze dryers offer a cost effective approach to freeze drying.

Freeze Dryer Innovation for more than 50 years

Millrock Technology is one of the world’s premier freeze dryer lyophilizer equipment companies. Since 1957 the Millrock team has been developing freeze drying / lyophilization systems to satisfy applications from the laboratory to cGMP production. We focus on one technology and one market to best satisfy our customers’ needs.