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Millrock Technology’s MicroFD® Offers Significant API Savings

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences article determines that Millrock’s MicroFD® offers significant API savings for use in cycle development, formulation screening, and optimization

With Millrock Tech’s innovative MicroFD with LyoSIM and LyoPAT®, our goal is to provide the pharmaceutical freeze drying industry with a small-scale lyophilizer that uses fewer vials than larger laboratory freeze dryers, but actually does more…while saving you valuable API, time, and cost. We’re pleased and proud to see The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences demonstrate how the MicroFD delivers on this, in a November 2018 article titled Representative Scale-down Lyophilization Cycle Development using a Seven Vial Freeze Dryer (MicroFD).

The article, authored by Jon Goldman, Xiaodong Chen, Jeff Register, Vishwas Nesarikar, Lavanya Iyer, Yongmei Wu, Niala Mugheirbi, and Jasmine Rowe, details the use of a MicroFD with seven vials, focusing on its capability to accurately control heat transfer during lyophilization so that its Kv matches the Kv of vials in a larger laboratory scale unit — the Lyostar III. They concluded that “The ability to develop lyophilization cycles on the MicroFD that are representative of larger scales enables tremendous material and time savings, while supporting speed and convenience for current lyophilization development.”

The article declares other conclusions, such as:

‘It (MicroFD) supports convenience and speed through more efficient workflows, cycle optimization, and early decision-making capabilities for lyophilized products.’

‘..the MicroFD enables cycle development and optimization of at-scale lyophilization processes using only seven product vials.’

‘..the MicroFD offers significant API savings for use in cycle development, formulation screening, and optimization.’

The full article ( can be found on The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences website. Access requires a journal subscription; however, we welcome you to contact us to discuss details of the article’s conclusions.

Watch a video demonstration of the MicroFD in action.

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