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Millrock Technology, Inc offers a series of free webinars for scientists interested in freeze drying and presented by industry experts.

Dr, Steven Nail, Baxter 
Dr, Steven Nail, Baxter BioPharmaceuticals

Recommended Best Practices in Freeze Dry Metrology

Thanks to all that attended!!!!

As part of a LyoHub initiative,  a consortium of experts, lead by Dr. Steven Nail,  has developed information on  best practices in monitoring of product status during pharmaceutical freeze drying.   This webinar will cover the main recommendations of this group for both laboratory and production freeze dryers.  Included will be topics such as the difference between thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors, the use of thermocouple type vacuum sensors and capacitance manometers and their locations and a survey of process monitoring techniques that have been recently introduced.  This webinar will be beneficial for both the new user and the seasoned professional utilizing freeze drying for any purpose (pharmaceutical, tissues, diagnostics, chemicals….) to further their understanding of how the current process monitoring tools can be used to their fullest advantage.

With an introduction to LyoHub, its purpose and function, by Dr. Alina Alexeenko, Purdue University.