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Freeze Dryer Advancements and Innovation

Millrock Technology Highlighted In Article

Millrock Technology President T.N. Thompson recently had the opportunity to share his experience and perspective as a freeze drying innovator in a piece entitled “Changing Perceptions: An Understanding of Lyophilization Advancements.” The article focuses on how technical advances in understanding and controlling the freeze drying process must be accompanied by a change in mindset.

Although the basic physics of freeze drying hasn’t changed over the decades, T.N. Thompson observes in the article that, “our knowledge of the process, equipment, and instrumentation has improved significantly.” This evolved understanding of freeze drying has led Millrock to develop properly-sized and more reliable refrigeration systems, condensers that can better handle high vapor loads, vapor port designs that don’t choke the vapor flow, and other innovations.

T.N. also details how Millrock’s understanding of product critical temperature has enabled the company to develop freeze dryers that optimize the shelf temperature and chamber pressure to maintain the product just below its critical point, while also maximizing the sublimation rate. Additionally, Millrock’s improved understanding of the drying process has led to the design of freeze dryers that create a high shelf temperature initially and then reduce it for the majority of the cycle, greatly reducing the primary drying time. T.N. discusses other advancements in the article, such as knowledge of the vacuum level and its effect on the product temperature, and development of process analytical technology (PAT) that provides direct measurement of the critical process parameters in real time for process monitoring and control.

This deeper knowledge of freezing and primary drying process dynamics translates to time and cost savings for industry professionals. For example, thanks to these new mindsets and a dedication to freeze dryer innovations, Millrock offers freeze drying equipment such as Millrock’s MicroFD, which dramatically reduces processing times — often to less than 24 hours. Millrock Technology is proud to be recognized as a leader in developing knowledge of lyophilization and advancements in the field.

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