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Lyophilization Practical Applications Course Utilizing Latest Equipment



Previously scheduled for April 6 - 8, 2020
Hooke College of Applied Sciences, Westmount, IL


Lyophilization Practical Applications Course Utilizing Latest Equipment is a course that provides a unique approach to learning formulation development and lyophilization. Students are presented with model molecules and are responsible for all aspects of formulation and process development including excipient choices, thermal analyses and optimizing the freeze drying cycle. Course instructors for the lyophilization training provide guidance throughout the process but allow students to work through challenges just as they would in their own laboratories. Students work in small collaborative groups on an assigned formulation. The lectures and instructors provide information for each stage of the development process with the goal of identifying an optimum freeze drying cycle at the end of the workshop.

A message from the course director, Dr. Greg Sacha, Baxter.

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