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Quanta-S Steam Sterilizable Freeze Dryers

We explore all design and budget considerations to help meet your pharmaceutical freeze drying requirements with the best possible equipment match.  Our knowledgeable engineers and consultants will help you explore all aspects of your pharmaceutical freeze dryer requirement to help ensure you get the right system for your purpose.

Some options for consideration include:

  • multiple skids for tight installation configurations,
  • redundant safety systems
  • clean-in-place (CIP)
  • isolation valves
  • automatic or hand secured door latches
  • round vs square chamber configuration
  • internal vs external condensers
  • stoppering or bulk
  • bellow seals
  • level loading doors
  • pass through design
  • a variety of documentation and testing

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying in a Sterile Environment

Sterile production environments are most commonly found in bio-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical organizations.   Millrock Technology, Inc supplies cGMP pharmaceutical freeze dryers with steam sterilization and 21CFR part 11 for these demanding applications.  Our support lasts throughout the pharmaceutical freeze dryer life cycle to help ensure that your project starts successfully and remains successful.  Our due diligence helps identify every consideration for a successful installation.

Lyophilizer Sterilization for Commercial Product Freeze Drying

Our Steam Sterilizable Production Freeze Dryers include:

  • All wetted components 316L stainless steel
  • Sterilization temperature: Controllable 121-125 degrees C
  • Evacuation and drying: Water ring pump
  • Insulation: High temperature CFC-Free foam with a stainless steel shroud around both chambers
  • Filter: 0.2 micron Sartorius with integrity testing ports
  • System cooling to ambient and drying in less than 2 hours using the refrigeration system and a liquid ring pump
  • Slope to drain

Sterile Production Freeze Dryer Basics

Control System PLCOpto 22 or Allen-Bradley
Shelf Temperature Range-60C to +65C (+80C option)
Shelf Heat TransferHollow Fluid Filled
Shelf Material and Finish316L, 20 Ra or better with Optional Electro-Polish
Shelf Area8 sq ft to 10 sq ft
Shelf AssemblyBulk or Hydraulic Stoppering
Condenser Temperature-75 C
Chamber ConfigurationCylindrical or Rectangular
Chamber RatingFull Vacuum
Condenser StyleCoil or Plate
CompressorsTwo StageCarlyle, Bitzer, Mycom (screw)
DefrostHot Gas or Hot Water
Vacuum PumpLeybold Rotary Vane or Dry Pumps
Vacuum ControlPirani with Solenoid & Needle Valve
Gas BackfillIncluded
Product SensorsOne per shelf standard
Water Ring PumpNash-Elmo
FrameWelded and Painted
Production freeze dryer

Each Quanta-S is custom configured to your requirements and needs.  The chart below provides some general guidelines for system configurations.

Untitled 2

Vial capacity chart is based on general configuration samples and is an approximation.  Actual vial capacity is provided as required.