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BENCHTOP Manifold Freeze Dryer

BENCHTOP Manifold Freeze Dryer, BENCHTOP with Vacuum Pump
BENCHTOP with Vacuum Pump

BenchTop Manifold Freeze Dryer

Intuitive and easy to use BenchTop Manifold Freeze Dryer.  With a market proven design and the most advanced microprocessor control available on benchtop unit, the BenchTop Manifold Freeze Dryer exceeds customer demand. This freeze dryer is cost effective and consistently a high performance bench top manifold freeze dryer.

The BENCHTOP Series has a 2L per 24 hour condensing rate. Two models are available: the BT48 and BT 85. The BT48 is the ideal match for water based samples with a -48C condenser. For samples containing solvents or with low melting points, The BT85 is the perfect match with -85 C condenser which will provide maximum performance in a benchtop freeze dryer.

Overall, this benchtop manifold freeze dryer is the ideal fit for labs that need quick turn-around, hot gas defrost supplies fast/automatic defrosting. Depending on your needs, select either our 6 or 12 port manifold. Both options provide ample space for small and large samples to be dried simultaneously.



  • Advanced microprocessor controls


  • Manifold dryer with 6 or 12 Ports


  • 316L construction on all wetted parts
  • 2 liters in 24 hours, 2L capacity
  • Exposed coil condenser for maximum efficiency
  • Hot gas defrost
  • Available in -48 or -85C


  • CFC-Free, non-proprietary refrigerants
  • Hot gas defrost


  • 195LPM corrosion resistant vacuum pump

BT Series

Benchtop Manifold Freeze-Dryer


  • Laboratory Research
  • Proteins
  • Organic Tissues
  • Waste Products
  • Plant Material
  • Polymers


BT48 BT85
CONDENSER CAPACITY 2L in 24 hr 2L in 24 hr
COMPRESSOR 1/3 HP 2 x 1/3 HP
manifold adds approx. 15″ to height
15.5″W x25.0″D x15.75″ H 15.25″W x25.0″D x15.75″H
VOLTAGE 120V, 60Hz,1 Ph, 20A 120V, 60Hz,1 Ph, 20A

3Gen Microprocessor Controls

Easy to use, easy to read. Millrock has taken bench-top freeze drying to a new level with the new 3Gen control system. The ‘READY’ indicator and auto power-outage recovery are a few of the key features that make this system so easy to use. With a backlit display and industrial tested microprocessor, freeze drying has never been easier. Display parameters include vacuum, condenser temperature, run time, ambient temperature, and even displays when to maintain your vacuum pump oil.

CMFD Console Manifold Freeze Dryers, BENCHTOP Manifold Freeze Dryer, 3gen-microprocessor-controls

Microprocessor Instrumentation

DISPLAY Backlit Matrix LCD Temperature Vacuum Voltage Messaging
VACUUM DISPLAY0 to 3000 mTorr
CONTROL FEATURESAuto Start-up ‘READY’ Indication Power Failure Recovery
ALARMS & REMINDERSLow Voltage High Ambient Power Outage Change Vacuum Pump Oil Clean Air Condenser


BENCHTOP Manifold Freeze Dryer, Manifold


A 6 or 12 port manifold is provided with the Benchtop series dryer and comes complete with vacuum valves. Each port is ½” external diameter. The ports are spaced to provide room for the largest flasks.

CMFD Console Manifold Freeze Dryers, BENCHTOP Manifold Freeze Dryer, Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

A 60 lpm vacuum pump is recommended. If the application calls for a larger vacuum pump it is available, ask for details.

CMFD Console Manifold Freeze Dryers, BENCHTOP Manifold Freeze Dryer, stainlessware-freezedryware

Stainlessware Freezedryware™

Freezedryware provides the perfect solution to bulk drying and drying vials on a manifold freeze drying system.

CMFD Console Manifold Freeze Dryers, BENCHTOP Manifold Freeze Dryer, Vacuum Valves

Vacuum Valves

The straight-thru design of Millrock valves provide less flow restriction and have greater internal diameter than other ¾” diameter valves. The end result is faster, more consistent drying.

CMFD Console Manifold Freeze Dryers, BENCHTOP Manifold Freeze Dryer, flaskware


A complete line of flaskware is offered by Millrock, including flasks from 75 ml to 1200 ml with snap-on silicone tops.

CMFD Console Manifold Freeze Dryers, BENCHTOP Manifold Freeze Dryer, adapters


Glass adapters provide an easy connection from the vacuum valve to hoses and other accessories. ¾” to ¾” and ¾” to ½” adapters are available in both straight and 45 degree.

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