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Laboratory Scale Freeze Dryer Options

Freeze Dryer Options

Capacitance Manometer

2 Torr range, measures absolute vacuum levels in chamber, used in conjunction with Pirani to determine the end of primary drying

Freeze Dryer Options

Clean Room Configuration

Configured to be flange mounted on a clean room wall, moves condenser (Research, Max) to back of unit, includes Stainless Steel Bezel

Freeze Dryer Options

H2O2 Integration Kit

Includes modifications to system required to be compatible with H2O2 sterilization. Access ports with 1″ tubing on top of chamber and condenser. (see Max unit attached to Bioquell H2O2 generator)

Freeze Dryer Options

Isolation Valve

4” standard, 6” optional with compatible vapor port, electric or pneumatically operated butterfly valve, pneumatic requires CDA compressed air source. 90PSI (Not applicable to Lab series)

Freeze Dryer Options

Isolator Bezel

316L, 1/8″ thick welded bezel for attachment of isolator, Includes cover panel on front of machine, Clean room configuration, Includes panels

Freeze Dryer Options

LN2 Trap

2L or 5L options, for use in trapping solvents before the vacuum pump, auto-fill option available

Freeze Dryer Options

Resistivity Sensor

For determining the frozen state of the material under process (Not applicable to Lab series)

Freeze Dryer Options

Shelf Latching Kit

Used to keep shelves retracted to allow taller vials/product or sample thief, each kit provides unique shelf spacing

Freeze Dryer Options

Spider Sample Thief

For removing vials without interuption of freeze drying process, requires shelf latching kit, (Not applicable to Lab series).

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Freeze Dryer Options

Stainless Steel Door Option

Replaces the acrylic door for solvent and/or high temperature applications