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Quanta S Steam Sterilizable Freeze Dryers (SIP)

Every Millrock Technology Quanta S lyophilizer is customized for your application and for the space available for installation. Our knowledgeable consultants will help you explore all aspects of your freeze dryer requirements to help ensure you get the right system for your purpose.

Freeze Drying Pharmaceuticals & Biotech Products

Depending on their use, there are a number of different freeze drying specifications to consider. If a lyophilizer is to be used in the pharmaceutical or biotech industries it is likely that sterilization between freeze drying runs is necessary.

Lyophilizer Sterilization for Commercial Product Freeze Drying

Steam sterilization (SIP) is the most common form of sterilization in production lyophilizers. Steam sterilizable freeze dryers require a number of special design considerations. First, steam sterilizable freeze dryers have to be capable of maintaining a full vacuum. Secondly, they must be able to maintain high temperature and high pressures. With this two requirements in mind, Millrock Technology provides two design options: cylindrical or rectangular chambers so you can select the best fit, price and performance requirements for your application.


Our Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers features include:


  • All wetted components 316L stainless steel
  • Validation port included
  • Sterilization temperature: Controllable 121-125 degrees C
  • Evacuation and drying: Water ring pump
  • Insulation: High temperature CFC-Free foam with a stainless steel shroud around both chambers
  • Filter: 0.2 micron Sartorius with integrity testing ports
  • System cooling to ambient and drying in less than 2 hours using the refrigeration system and a liquid ring pump
  • Slope to drain
  • Steam Sterilizable systems up to 200 sq ft

Standard Freeze Dryer Features

Control System PLC Opto 22 or Allen-Bradley
Shelf Temperature Range -60C to +65C (+80C option)
Shelf Heat Transfer Hollow Fluid Filled
Shelf Material and Finish 316L, 20 Ra or better with Optional Electropolish
Shelf Area 8 sq ft to 10 sq ft
Shelf Assembly Bulk or Hydraulic Stoppering
Condenser Temperature -75 C
Chamber Configuration Cylindrical or Rectangular
Chamber Rating Full Vacuum
Condenser Style Coil or Plate
Compressors Two StageCarlyle, Bitzer, Mycom (screw)
Defrost Hot Gas or Hot Water
Vacuum Pump Leybold Rotary Vane or Dry Pumps
Vacuum Control Pirani with Solenoid & Needle Valve
Gas Backfill Included
Product Sensors One per shelf standard
Water Ring Pump Nash-Elmo
Frame Welded and Painted

Typical Operations Specifications for Non-Sterile Freeze Dryers

Condenser Cool Down < 10 minutes to –50 C
Defrost Time < 30 minutes
Ultimate Vacuum 5 mT
Vacuum Pull-Down < 20 minutes to 100 mT
Vacuum Leak Rate < 3 x 10-2 mbar-liter/sec
Shelf Cooling (20 C to –40C) <40 minutes
Shelf Heating > 1 C/min

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