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Thermocouple Holder for Freeze Drying

Thermocouple Holder for Freeze Drying Highlights:

  • 7mm or 13mm stopper
  • Stainless Steel Probe Tip
  • Single Point Detector
  • 40” long wire

Stoppers include a 7mm or 13mm vial neck size. The vent ports on top of the stoppers simulate the vapor path of a standard split stopper. This allows the monitored sample to be run along side the standard samples without interference.

Thermocouple Holders for Freeze Drying provide an easy and accurate way of placing a product sensor in a vial. They provide an consistent placement and can be used repeatedly. Each probe is designed to be adjustable for various vial heights.

Millrock Technology is one of the world’s premier freeze dryer lyophilizer equipment companies. Since 1957 the Millrock team has been developing freeze drying / lyophilization systems to satisfy applications from the laboratory to cGMP production. We focus on one technology and one market to best satisfy our customers’ needs.